Ark View
Ark View is beautiful, fast and clean RSS Reader for Windows.
Auvid Tuner
Trim Audio/Video, Combine Multiple Video clips, Mix Audio and Video together and Edit Music Metadata easily with Auvid Tuner.
Avocado Markdown
A fun, delicious take on the Markdown experience with a file-less structure and OneDrive backup baked in
Blast is a utility that helps you increase your productivity while using your computer by reducing the time you interact with it.
Bullet Journal Touch
A Bullet Journal (also known as Pixel Diary or Standard Work) for Windows 10. The fastest, funnest way to keep a diary.
Chaptifier is an mp3 metadata editor aimed at helping podcasters enhance their podcasts by adding Chapters, images and other ID3 metadata ta
devRant UWP
The first and unique UWP unofficiali client for devRant.
DirectX 12 Game Engine
A DirectX 12 .NET game engine that provides a fully-featured UWP editor.
Easy Writer
A distraction free Cloud backed Markdown app
Files UWP
An enthusiast take on what Windows File Explorer explorer should be.
Font Catalog
A nice looking, fully functional font explorer built for Windows 10
Ghostly is a GitHub notification client for Windows 10.
Kanban Ink - Visualise, Plan, Do
A fluent Kanban to do board to manage your projects big and small. Built in Windows Ink support for collecting all your ideas in one place.
Legere is a modern, powerful and full-featured UWP Reddit client
A simplified DNS over TLS ( DoT ) utility for Windows 10.
A shell for Windows 10 Desktop that tries to recreate the UI and UX of windows 10 mobile shell.
ModernGlance is a screensaver (and more) inspired by Lumia Glance,
myTube Beta
Get new features early with the beta version of myTube!
Fast, Clean and Beautiful UWP Notepad app
A Fluent-style Notepad-application because Microsoft doesn't make it.
Notes Sheet
A practical, fancy designed app for plain text editing. It supports .txt and .md file formats
The Phlex platform is a place where your team comes together to deliver a seamless and powerful retail experience to your customers.
Photo Scan
A beautiful OCR and QR Code scanner for Windows.
Project Surabaya (Codename)
This apps lets you export images used in Windows Spotlight lock screen by looking at folder containing Spotlight files.
Control your devices with your devices! Use your Surface as a drawing tablet for your desktop, your phone as a trackpad, etc.!
A Discord client for UWP
Quick Pad
A modern take on what Notepad should be.
Ritt is an app for Windows 10 that organize your files and folders into a light database, with a simple, intuitive interface.
Spotify Lyrics .NET
Spotify Lyrics .NET is a lightweight software that allows you to view the lyrics of the song you are currently playing on Spotify.
A modern, fully featured Spotify client for Windows 10 that combines the best of Spotify and Groove Music This app is still in Beta, and few bugs here and there should be expected. Feedback and bug reports are always welcome, and donating
SQL Squid
SQL Squid allows you to run a series of diagnostic queries to a SQL Server database on your machine, in your network, or in the cloud. You q
A free, open source Discord Client for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, that tries to provide a fast, efficient, native feeling Discord exp
Visual Asset Generator
A tool to create the visual assets and icons for your App.
Touch friendly UWP IRC client, with fluent design and rich chat embeds
3rd Twitch app