Preview image for 8 byte - creativity first
8 byte - creativity first
UNOFFICAL - byte - creativity first application we're bringing back 6-second looping videos and the community that loved them.
Preview image for 8 Zip
8 Zip
8 Zip - powerful archiver for Windows 10.
Preview image for Ambie White Noise
Ambie White Noise
A modern Windows app that plays soothing tones to help you be healthier, happier, and more relaxed.
Preview image for Aquile Reader
Aquile Reader
Aquile Reader is an eBook Reader app for Windows with powerful features and controls, and with very user-friendly and customizable UI. Read local eBooks or browse over 50,000 free eBooks from various online catalogs, all within the app.
Preview image for ARCH for Pocket
ARCH for Pocket
ARCH is unofficial UWP client for Pocket
Preview image for Ark View
Ark View
Ark View is beautiful, fast and clean RSS Reader for Windows.
Preview image for Art Gallery CRM
Art Gallery CRM
Showcasing Xamarin.Forms, Azure and Cognitive Services, the Art Gallery CRM is a sample application designed to demonstrate best practices in Xamarin development, as well as showcase the power of Telerik UI for Xamarin controls suite.
Preview image for Aurora for GitHub
Aurora for GitHub
A client for GitHub focusing on non-code management features.
Preview image for Auvid Tuner
Auvid Tuner
Trim Audio/Video, Combine Multiple Video clips, Mix Audio and Video together and Edit Music Metadata easily with Auvid Tuner.
Preview image for Bittorrent client - Torrex
Bittorrent client - Torrex
The Torrex BitTorrent client keeps getting new powers! Torrex has become even faster and nimbler. Thanks to the new Continuum ability, Torrex easily adapts to the PC, tablet, smartphone, Xbox and Hololens.
Preview image for Blast
Blast is a utility that helps you increase your productivity while using your computer by reducing the time you interact with it.
Preview image for Brainf*ck#
Brainf*ck# is the world's most advanced console/IDE and debugger for the Brainf*ck programming language, exclusively on Windows 10.
Preview image for Bulk File Rename
Bulk File Rename
Simple, powerful utility to rename files. Change, undo, ext, and more.
Preview image for Bullet Journal Touch
Bullet Journal Touch
A Bullet Journal for Windows 10. The fastest, funnest way to keep a diary.
Preview image for Chaptifier
Chaptifier is an mp3 metadata editor aimed at helping podcasters enhance their podcasts by adding Chapters, images and other ID3 metadata tags
Preview image for ChemiCalc
ChemiCalc is a free application for all who love chemistry. Browse a vibrant expandable periodic table! Calculate precise molar mass and the percentage composition of any compound, simple or complex.
Preview image for Clamour
3rd Party Discord App
Preview image for Clatter
Clatter unifies all your precious social messengers into one environment that knows how to keep you focused.
Preview image for Crypto Tracker
Crypto Tracker
Simple yet powerful cryptocurrency tracker for Windows 10.
Preview image for devRant UWP
devRant UWP
The first and unique UWP unofficiali client for devRant.
Preview image for DirectX Studio
DirectX Studio
A DirectX 12 .NET game engine that provides a fully-featured UWP editor.
Preview image for Dynamic Shell
Dynamic Shell
A new shell for Windows 10 Desktop that takes the best part from many shells with also unique features
Preview image for Dynamic Theme
Dynamic Theme
Dynamic background and/or lock screen picture with daily Bing or Windows Spotlight pictures, one Bing or Windows Spotlight picture or personal pictures.
Preview image for Dysprose
Writing app for helping beat procrastination. Write until the timer ends or all your work will be lost!
Preview image for Feed Viewer
Feed Viewer
Feed Viewer is a web browser designed for reading blog posts.
Preview image for Files
Packed with features like Fluent Design, tabs, and layout modes; Files UWP aims to be a modern take on the file explorer experience which empowers all users to be productive.
Preview image for FlairMax
FlairMax is a music recognition app that tell you the some information on the recognized track like: tittle, duration, genres, artist, release date, album, recognized part time, synced lyrics, music links and more
Preview image for Flowpad
Modern native drawing app with ability various pens, tools and a powerfull color picker.
Preview image for Fluent Screen Recorder
Fluent Screen Recorder
Record an app or your screen in a simple uwp along with fluent design.
Preview image for Fluent Store
Fluent Store
A Fluent, native, and open-source alternative to the Microsoft Store app
Preview image for Fluent Terminal
Fluent Terminal
A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies.
Preview image for FluentCast Podcast
FluentCast Podcast
A beautiful, fast, responsive, free and Ad-free podcast app designed for Windows 10
Preview image for Fluentpad
Multi page docx editor, markdown editor, wordpad/notepad alternative, code editor with inking support
Preview image for Font Catalog
Font Catalog
A nice looking, fully functional font explorer built for Windows 10
Preview image for Formula - Universal Code Editor
Formula - Universal Code Editor
Formula is a code editor for Windows 10, it has support to several languages like C#, Java, JS, even Fortran and Cobol!
Preview image for Gamebar Browser
Gamebar Browser
Gamebar Browser is a simple browser for the Xbox Gamebar in Windows 10. Simply open the Gamebar overlay with the key combination Win+G and surf the Internet while playing.
Preview image for Ghostly
Ghostly is a GitHub notification client for Windows 10.
Preview image for Glif
Font and Icon Viewer with Dev tools for TextBlocks, FontIcons, SymbolIcons, BitmapIcons, and PathIcons
Preview image for Grover Podcast
Grover Podcast
Grover Podcast is the ultimate app to manage podcasts on Windows.
Preview image for Grover Pro
Grover Pro
Grover Pro is the ultimate app to manage podcasts on Windows.
Preview image for Hacked?
Businesses are getting hacked more frequently these days. This app will detect if any of your email addresses are found in a breach and let you know immediately. Armed with this information, you can change your password(s) immediately.
Preview image for Indirect
Unofficial UWP Instagram messaging client that lets you see and reply to your direct messages without needing a phone.
Preview image for JitHub
UWP GitHub client
Preview image for Jump Point - File Manager++
Jump Point - File Manager++
Manage your digital assets the way you want it. - Touch friendly file management - Super powered Properties viewer - Group files and folders even when they are in separate places via Workspaces
Preview image for Kanban Ink - Visualise, Plan, Do
Kanban Ink - Visualise, Plan, Do
A fluent Kanban to-do board to manage your projects big and small.
Preview image for Kanban Tasker
Kanban Tasker
A simple Kanban Board application written to organize the flow of your work. It supports as many boards as you would like to create and manage, draggable tasks, and more.
Preview image for KeepPass
Keep safe all your passwords across your devices using KeepPass for Windows.
Preview image for Legere
Legere is a modern, powerful and full-featured UWP Reddit client
Preview image for Light Box Surface
Light Box Surface
Trace over images for export.
Preview image for Light Party
Light Party
Light Party is a controller for Philips Hue lights available for Windows 10. Its main feature is a party mode, where you can sync your lights to your music live! The application is completely free and open source.
Preview image for Littledot
A simplified DNS over TLS ( DoT ) utility for Windows 10.
Preview image for Lyrician
Lyrician helps you find the lyrics to the song you're listening to automatically. It integrates with the Windows global media controls and uses the info from it to find the lyrics using its many built-in sources.
Preview image for Media File Manager
Media File Manager
Quickly perform tedious media file management operations like renaming, renumbering episodes, and tagging audio files.
Preview image for MicationPlayer
MicationPlayer is a music player that connects to your OneDrive cloud. With this app you can finally play songs from your entire music collection on OneDrive!
Preview image for MobileShell
A shell for Windows 10 Desktop that tries to recreate the UI and UX of windows 10 mobile shell.
Preview image for ModernGlance
ModernGlance is a screensaver (and more) inspired by Lumia Glance,
Preview image for Mustastic
A music player for Windows 10
Preview image for MVP Companion
MVP Companion
An application with super-fast contribution browsing, editing and bulk upload to help Microsoft MVPs get up to date for renewal quickly.
Preview image for My Podcast - Talk Stations
My Podcast - Talk Stations
My Podcast – Talk Stations is a free podcast app that is easy to use. My Podcast is the easiest way to find, save and listen to all your favorite podcasts.
Preview image for myTube Beta
myTube Beta
Get new features early with the beta version of myTube!
Preview image for Net Writer
Net Writer
Blog writing app
Preview image for Nextpad
Fast, Clean and Beautiful UWP Notepad app
Preview image for Nightingale
The RAM-friendly REST client
Preview image for Notes Sheet
Notes Sheet
A practical, fancy designed app for plain text editing. It supports .txt and .md file formats
Preview image for Oxidized
Text and talk with your favorite groups on all your Windows 10 devices, instantly.
Preview image for PaZword
PaZword is a modern and open source vault for passwords, credentials and sensitive documents. # Features - Encryption of the vault. - Notifies when a credential has leak on the dark web. - Attach and encrypt up to 4 MB files. - Password g
Preview image for Permadelete
Files and folders that are deleted simply by moving to the recycle bin are not deleted, even after emptying recycle bin. So Permadelete can help you easily shred your files and folders so that you sleep soundly at night knowing that your fi
Preview image for phlexpay
The Phlex platform is a place where your team comes together to deliver a seamless and powerful retail experience to your customers.
Preview image for Photo Scan
Photo Scan
A beautiful OCR and QR Code scanner for Windows.
Preview image for Pomodoro Timer UWP
Pomodoro Timer UWP
A Native Windows 10 pomodoro timer app!
Preview image for Project.Input
Control your devices with your devices! Use your Surface as a drawing tablet for your desktop, your phone as a trackpad, etc.!
Preview image for Quarrel
A Discord client for UWP
Preview image for Quick Pad
Quick Pad
Quick Pad is a modern notepad app featuring fluent design
Preview image for Radio - FM AM
Radio - FM AM
My Radio - Live FM AM, Talk Station & Podcasts - is the simplest way of listening to your favorite FM Radio stations, AM Radio, Internet Radio Online and Free radio stations.
Preview image for Recipe Collection
Recipe Collection
Recipe Collection is an easy way to manage all your recipes. Manually enter all your recipes, or automatically import them from online websites.
Preview image for Remix Downloader
Remix Downloader
An application that lets you quickly download 3D models in bulk from Remix 3D.
Preview image for Resources.UWP
Parser for UWP Resources
Preview image for Rewrite
Write your fiction or non-fiction book more quickly with Rewrite. Packed with many features that will make your writing more efficient and fun. Offline, your writing is yours, no need to purchase any subscription to just store your data.
Preview image for Ritt
Ritt is an app for Windows 10 that organize your files and folders into a light database, with a simple, intuitive interface.
Preview image for Roamit
Have a seamless experience across your Windows and Android devices!
Preview image for SatTracker
This application allows you to know when you are able to see a satellite passing close to your location.
Preview image for Shrestha Files
Shrestha Files
Shrestha Files aims at being modern and minimalist single/double pane file manager to supercharge your productivity.
Preview image for SimplyFiles
SimplyFiles allows you to easily upload and download files from both popular cloud service such as OneDrive and Box, but also from other locations using common protocols such as FTP.
Preview image for Specs Analysis (Beta)
Specs Analysis (Beta)
System Information Utility for Windows 10 Devices. The app is cable of Diagnosing Sensors , Display , Etc.. Note: The app still in early stages of development and new features added gradually, Therefore please don't rate lower!
Preview image for Spotaverse
Spot-a-verse is a lyrics & trivia app that automatically fetches lyrics for the current song playing in the system. Just launch your favorite music app & launch Spotaverse along-side!
Preview image for Spotify Lyrics .NET
Spotify Lyrics .NET
Spotify Lyrics .NET is a lightweight software that allows you to view the lyrics of the song you are currently playing on Spotify.
Preview image for SQL Squid
SQL Squid
SQL Squid allows you to run a series of diagnostic queries to a SQL Server database on your machine, in your network, or in the cloud. You q
Preview image for Strix Music
Strix Music
A modern, fully featured Spotify client for Windows 10 that combines the best of Spotify and Groove Music. This app is still in Beta, and few bugs here and there should be expected.
Preview image for Stylophone
A modern, open source MPD client for Windows 10 devices.
Preview image for System Fonts
System Fonts
Browse installed fonts with this meticulously designed light-weight font catalog app
Preview image for TranslucentTB
A lightweight utility that makes the Windows taskbar translucent/transparent.
Preview image for Unicord
A free, open source Discord Client for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, that tries to provide a fast, efficient, native feeling Discord exp
Preview image for Unigram
Telegram for Windows 10
Preview image for UWP Community
UWP Community
A companion app for the UWP Community website
Preview image for UWP Companion
UWP Companion
A browser extension to serve as a companion to various 3rd party UWP apps, enabling a smooth transition from Website to App.
Preview image for Video Diary
Video Diary
With over a million users, Video Diary was the first, and remains, the best video diary app for Windows. With editing, special effects and calendar tracking, this app lets you securely and easily record your activities.
Preview image for Visual Asset Generator
Visual Asset Generator
A tool to create the visual assets and icons for your App.
Preview image for Windows Community Toolkit
Windows Community Toolkit
The Windows Community Toolkit is a set of custom controls, app services, and helper functions for Windows 10 and .NET developers. The toolkit and the sample app are open-sourced in the .NET Foundation and available on GitHub.
Preview image for WinDynamicDesktop
Port of macOS Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature to Windows 10, available on GitHub and the Microsoft Store
Preview image for WinGo Maps
WinGo Maps
WinGo Maps is an Unofficial Google Map open source client for Windows 10 developed by MahStudio. This app made for Windows 10 devices family (PC, HoloLens, XBOX, Mobile and etc.) and make you able easily work with Google Maps. Going somewh
Preview image for WinIRC
Touch friendly UWP IRC client, with fluent design and rich chat embeds
Preview image for Winsta
Winsta application is an Unofficial Instagram client which is made for windows 10 devices family and it is trying to make the user experience of the Instagram app so much better on your windows device. Instagram is a simple way to capture
Preview image for XAML Studio
XAML Studio
XAML Studio will help you rapidly prototype UWP XAML that can be easily copied into your app in Visual Studio. XAML Studio lets you preview your XAML code in real-time and interact with the result just like it was in your own app!
Preview image for Xpo Music
Xpo Music
A modern Spotify experience, designed for Windows 10
Preview image for XSpot
Grab Windows Spotlight images from your PC or from Spotlight service with this app
Preview image for Yugen Mosaic
Yugen Mosaic
Yugen Mosaic is a free app that creates digital art pictures based on your own images. With it, you can use an unlimited amount of images, to create a photo mosaic which is an image composed of many tiled photos.
Preview image for zTwitch
3rd Twitch app